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Fed up using note taking apps and wikis for your documents? We’ve got that. 
 Flux lets your team collaborate on text files in real time with git version control, powerful features for peer review, publication and traceability, and integrations with your favourite tools.

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The healthcare app specialists
Build and deliver awesome web and mobile experiences for patients, clinicians and other healthcare stakeholders using our cloud and agency services.

Accelerate go live using secure and compliant environments for deploying and running your apps and data, and components providing additional services including interoperable data storage, and identity and access management.

Solid building blocks

The best apps are built on solid foundations. Our secure environments and components for your apps and data provide you with the tooling you need to kickstart development.

Focus on innovating

Building the building blocks yourself is hard, time consuming and expensive. Let us handle the basics so you can get on with innovating.


Leverage our expertise and proven capabilities in developing and delivering apps for patients, clinicians and other healthcare stakeholders to make digital services a key part of your value proposition for healthcare.

Global scale

We operate our services from data centres in 5 continents across the globe, ensuring data sovereignty, performance and local compliance requirements are met.

Robust compliance

Compliance is important to get right when handling personal health data. We operate an extensive programme covering our people, processes, technology and physical locations to ensure that personal health data stored in our services are kept secure at all times.

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