Building healthcare apps is hard - development best practice is more complex than it is in other verticals, the same goes for deployment, and that’s before you even get to compliance. All of these represent significant barriers to entry for a developer with a great idea for a healthcare app. 

Our mission at HealthForge is to lower these barriers by providing healthcare developers with the tools to easily develop and deploy compliant apps in the cloud, allowing them to focus on what’s really important - their code. We believe this will lead to greater levels of digital health innovation and, ultimately, improvements in the quality of care delivered to patients. 

The team consists of an experienced group of architects, developers, clinicians and financiers. In past lives, we have developed and deployed clinical systems into a number of hospitals in the UK, including OpenEyes - a specialty EHR - at Moorfields Eye Hospital, London, so we have experienced first hand the technical challenges healthcare developers face in getting product to market.