Building healthcare apps is hard. Healthforge makes it easy with tools that support developers across the entire development lifecycle. We’ll provide you with everything you need to get up and running quickly, allowing you to focus on creating great apps for clinicians and patients. 

Start creating your app now

Build web, mobile or desktop apps

Use our platform to develop web, mobile or desktop apps. We support a variety of languages (Java, PHP, Scala) and provide a number of SDKs (iOS, Android) for cross-platform support.

Complete development lifecycle support

We’ll support you throughout the development lifecycle: use one of our recipes to generate a skeleton app, focus on your code by using the platform’s components, generate compliance artefacts, and use our deployment tool to get your app live in the cloud and ready to use by clinicians and patients.

Work across care settings

Our platform will support you in creating apps for any care setting, whether primary or secondary, health or social care. We aim to support use cases wherever apps are being used to deliver care to patients.